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Jared Mirsky
Wick & Mortar

Since 2009 Jared Mirsky and his award-winning cannabis-focused branding and marketing agency, Wick & Mortar, have been featured in dozens of magazines including Entrepreneur Media, Forbes, National Geographic, Wired, Cheddar, Huff Post, and CNN Money. 2018 was the most explosive growth year yet, and Wick & Mortar continues to rack up awards and honors such as Top 40 under 40 in Marijuana Venture Magazine, 2x Dope Industry Award Winners, and most recently ranked #193 by Entrepreneur 360. Not content with simply winning awards, Jared continues to shape an industry and is now a regular contributor to Forbes, High Times, Entrepreneur, and The Fresh Toast. Despite the successes, for Jared, the greatest achievement in his life is his son. Rebranding Cannabis is his mission, and he aims to accomplish this by helping to educate the industry on the power of successful branding in the cannabis space and the impact it has on the world.

Joshua Crossney
CSC Events, LLC

Joshua Crossney is the CEO & Founder of CSC Events, LLC., which hosts the world’s largest, semi-annual Cannabis Science Conference ( Joshua Crossney is also the President & Founder of jCanna, Inc., ( a 501(c)3 non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of cannabis science, analytical testing, and personalized (precision) medicine.

Joshua is an Advisory Board member of CannaKids, a California Cooperative that supplies mold, pesticide, and solvent-free Honey Gold cannabis oil to children and adults who are suffering from cancer, autism, epilepsy, PTSD, Crohn’s disease, severe pain disorders, and so much more. Joshua has a motto of collaboration, not competition in this emerging medical industry where so much still needs to be accomplished. He is doing his best to bridge the gap between analytical sciences and the medical cannabis industry to help improve the quality of medicinal cannabis products being used by patients.

Joshua recently received the Vanguard Award at the 2019 Strides in Science Awards Gala for his global advocacy in advancing cannabis science, was named as one of the “Top 25 Innovators in 2020” by Cannabis & Tech Today, was featured in Marijuana Venture’s “40 Under 40: Rising Stars in the Cannabis Industry” issue, was recognized two years in a row at the Cannabis Business Awards as 2016 & 2017 MVP of the Year and was the featured cover story for 1000 Watts Magazine’s 2017 4/20 issue. Joshua has also been featured in Forbes, Huff Post, CTV News, and many other leading media outlets. Joshua is an internationally recognized public speaker in the cannabis industry. Some of his recent international speaking engagements include Colombia, Israel, and Canada.

Jazmyn Stover
Partner Fisher Phillips

Jazmyn Stover is a partner at the Fisher Phillips law firm’s Cleveland office. She advises clients on critical workplace issues that develop at the intersection of business and employment law. She routinely advises public and private employers on a variety of employment issues, related to the Family Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, employment discrimination, protecting trade secrets and confidential corporate information, and the drafting and enforcement of non-compete/non-disclosure agreements. She also has experience representing employers in mergers, acquisitions, plant closures and relocations, and reductions in force. Jazmyn has represented employers in Ohio state and federal courts as well as regulatory agencies. Jazmyn has dedicated much of her practice to representing employers in the health care, hospitality, real estate, retail, and service industries.

Juanita Brent
State Representative

State Representative Juanita Brent is a life-long community advocate from Cleveland, Ohio. She attended Wright State University where she served as the president of Black Women Striving Forward. Following her college political activism, she continued to be involved in Democrat Party organizations and serving in multiple leadership roles. Representative Brent remains deeply engaged with her community, serving on the boards of the Harvard Community Service Center and the Lee-Harvard Community Development Center. In 2018, she was elected to her first term as State Representative to the 12th Ohio House District. Following the example of her late aunt, Representative Brent remains committed to public service and to fighting for her community.

Andrea Sparr-Jaswa
GIE Media, Inc.

Andrea Sparr-Jaswa is the science editor for the Cannabis Group at GIE Media, Inc., whose publications include the award-winning Cannabis Business Times and Cannabis Dispensary, and the newest addition to the group, Hemp Grower. Prior to joining the GIE team in August 2019, she headed up education efforts at the renowned science-focused dispensary Farma in Portland, Oregon. As the Director of Education, she helped to build out in-depth educational content that trained new employees on endocannabinology and cannabis science and curated weekly staff educational sessions with local researchers, cultivators, and processors. Her role at Farma also included community outreach development, one-on-one consultations, and phytochemical data review to improve consumer experiences and consumption predictability through the navigation of compound variables. Her time in Oregon working with some of the cannabis industry’s top educators and researchers instilled a deep appreciation for developing a language of trust and transparency through science to improve consumer engagement and outcomes which she has carried over into her science-focused work at GIE Media. With the return to her Midwestern roots, Sparr-Jaswa is passionate about sharing all that she learned during her time at Farma and committed to standardizing cannabis education across communities.

Angel Cruz
Master Grower

Angel Cruz is an award-winning, multidisciplinary Master Grower of cannabis, with an eye for innovation and cannabis horticultural perfection. He has worked with a gamut of clients. Although his skill set is vast, his greatest expertise revolves around large-scale grow facility design & construction, organic cannabis cultivation, pure non-petroleum-based concentrate extraction, consulting, and the science and art of cannabis medicine. His wish is to combine his knowledge and experience in these areas in order to deliver the best opportunity for growth to his employers, clients, and their patrons. Angel has a strong reputation in the U.S. marijuana industry and is known as a pioneer in the medical marijuana industry.

Tim Johnson Headshot Cannabis Safety First
Tim Johnson
President/Founder of CSF

Tim is a retired Law Enforcement Officer and a US Air Force Veteran. Tim presents with thirty years of experience as a Safety Security Specialist and with an educational background in Criminal Law, Police Sciences, and Business Management. As a Safety and Security Specialist, Tim founded Cannabis Safety First to provide services to the Ohio Medical Cannabis Program. Tim was an instrumental participant in the creation of the Ohio Medical Cannabis and Ohio Hemp Programs. Tim continues to work with state legislators and program regulators to secure patient protection rights, address criminal justice reform, and promote amendments for the betterment of the programs. Tim’s legislative services further cover drug policy reform, criminal justice reform, law enforcement reform, and government relations. Tim stays active in the programs by providing a state-accredited safety training program, turnkey security services, business development consulting, risk management solutions, legislative input, working with licensees, and consulting with various advocacy organizations around the state. 

Arleen Crider
Founder Indygo Therapeutics

Arleen Crider is a proud Cannabis Nurse Herbalist and expert on cannabinoid therapeutics. She is a compassionate and motivated nurse with over 13 years of hands-on experience in multiple areas of the healthcare industry. In true millennial form and a talent for quickly mastering technology, Arleen has excelled in the specialty of Nursing Informatics. She has been an active member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association since 2016, before being elected regional director for the organization. Arleen has written a medical curriculum for the Cleveland School of Cannabis, as well as instructs classes on the Endocannabinoid System, Patient Navigation, and Dispensary Operations to future caregivers entering the medical cannabis industry. Discussing interactions between doctors, patients, nurses, and caregivers, Arleen teaches individuals how to safely incorporate cannabis into their lifestyles.

Brittany Brantley
Associate Fisher Phillips

Brittany Brantley is an associate at Fisher Phillips law firm. She represents employers in various labor and employment legal matters, including representing employers in a wide variety of employment litigation in state and federal courts and before various administrative agencies. Before joining Fisher Phillips, Brittany worked as an associate at a law firm in Cleveland, Ohio, and was a judicial extern for the Honorable Nora Barry Fischer of the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania.

Jonathan Cachat, PhD
Chief Executive Officer – CCV Research

Dr. Jonathan Cachat, PhD has a doctorate degree in Neuroscience, focusing on Psychopharmacology (drugs, brain behavior). He has published over 50 peer-reviewed scientific articles and 2 books on the use of adult zebrafish in behavioral pharmacology research. Cannabis Now journalist Jimi Devine referred to Dr. Cachat as “One of the brightest minds in cannabis…”.

Dr. Dvora Nelson
Lakewood Medical Clinic

Dr. Dvora Nelson is a Board-Certified General Surgeon with specialty certification in Phlebology. Dr. Nelson has been published in medical journals, has been an invited lecturer at medical conferences, and was a featured physician on Lifetime Cable network’s series “Women Docs”. Dr. Nelson’s background in medical marijuana comes after completing coursework on Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine offered by The Medical Cannabis Institute. She completed a fellowship with the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine. Dr. Nelson is proficient in the history of cannabis as medicine, the endocannabinoid system, basic cannabis ethnobotany, the pharmacology of cannabis and the physiological effects of phytocannabinoids, the delivery, and dosage of medical cannabis, and clinical case study reviews. She is also the co-owner of Lakewood Medical Clinic, a successful medical cannabis recommendation facility.

Joel Holt
Dev Cann

Joel is DevCann’s Vice-President & Legal Director. Joel has broad experience in business planning, corporate governance, litigation, & employment law.  Joel has operated side-by-side with Jim in establishing DevCann’s network & in developing the Greece project.  He has worked closely with DevCann’s strategic partners in Greece on the legal elements of licensure, including land acquisition, corporate structure, & the specifics of the application. Joel is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP), with an extensive knowledge of U.S. cybersecurity laws.  Joel is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

Hope Seavers
Health Plus Natural Foods

Hope Seavers is the manager of Health Plus Natural Foods in Sandusky Ohio. In her current role, Hope builds positive, lasting relationships with the patients she serves and the surrounding community by educating patients and caregivers on product types, uses, and dosage to ensure maximum benefit for each unique condition. She works with local assisted living programs and administrative medical teams to address barriers, such as funding and transportation, and hopes to make medical marijuana easily accessible for everyone. In addition, Hope holds a master’s degree in professional counseling and owns Phenomenal Phoenix, a personal coaching company focused on motivation, healing, and holistic practices.

Linda Berry

Chef Linda Berry is a classically trained professional chef and educator who specializes in teaching underserved communities how to incorporate nourishing foods into their diet. She uses her company to demystify apprehension to “healthy foods”, and trains chefs looking to educate and operate their businesses through hands-on education. Chef Berry currently facilitates classes and presentations on the use of cannabis in food, focusing on infusion applications, methods of consumption, proper dosing calculations, as well as cannabinoid, flavor, and ingredient considerations for varying populations. She also works as a chef with The High-End Affair, a traveling cannabis experience, and recently joined The Cleveland School of Cannabis as an Adjunct Culinary Instructor for their Columbus, Ohio campus.

James Ickes
Dev Cann

Jim is DevCann’s President and Director of Global Development.  He is focused on developing personal relationships within the cannabis industry.  Jim air-dropped into Greece in 2017 and quickly earned a good reputation and the ear of the Greek government. Jim has met with Greece’s Minister of Agriculture and the Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs, and at the request of the Greek government, Jim & Joel provided a recommended legal framework for Greece’s medical cannabis law.  Several of DevCann’s recommendations are included in Greece’s current law.  At home, Jim has established himself as a presence in the Ohio cannabis industry.  He has established an extensive and connected network of politicians, industry insiders, and license holders.  Jim is a Healthcare Information Security & Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP) with extensive experience in HIPAA compliance.

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Cleveland School of Cannabis

Kevin Greene is a father, mentor, compassionate community member, and successful entrepreneur. He has been focused on the equitable development of community and business his entire professional career and continues to commit to having a social impact through economic growth and the advancement of his communities. With ownership of two successful startups-Faces International Marketing and Development and the Cleveland School of Cannabis- he has years of experience developing successful teams. As a VP for the Cleveland School of Cannabis, his role has been crucial in the growth of the student body, partnership development, and community engagement. Working as a lead strategist over the last decade with clients ranging from city governments to small non-profits, he has been tasked with creating a culture of inclusion and participation to assist in Economic development and comprehensive initiatives.

John Izzo
Graff & McGovern, LPA

John Izzo received his JD from The University of Akron School of Law and a BA in Political Science from the University of Illinois.  John is one of eight specialists in administrative agency law as certified by the Ohio State Bar Association.  He concentrates his practice in administrative law, medical cannabis law, and equine law. He has represented clients before many state agencies, including the Ohio Department of Commerce, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, the State Medical Board of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Insurance, and the Ohio State Racing Commission.  John is also a hearing examiner for several state agencies.  He is a member of the Ohio State Bar Association and several of its committees, including the Administrative Law Committee and Gaming and Liquor Law Committee.  For more information about John, go to

Dr. Bridget
Dr. Bridget Williams M.D. Green Harvest Health, CEO

Dr. Bridget Williams is an established board-certified family physician, best-selling author, and the CEO of Green Harvest Health, medical cannabis and integrative clinic located in Ohio. With nearly 20 years of experience in family medicine from The Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Bridget combines her medical background with certifications in life and cannabis coaching in her practice. She provides valuable “medical motivational talks” on medical cannabis, CBD, life balance, and confidence. In 2019, Dr. Bridget branched out into developing her own line of CBD products and CBD product development for developing businesses. When not seeing patients, Dr. Bridget hosts podcast shows, creates educational videos for the Cannabis Hub, and holds an advisory and curriculum development position with the Cleveland School of Cannabis. Dr. Williams is the founder of the nonprofit GHH Community Foundation, and nonprofit “The Cannabis Can Project”.  Dr. Williams is honored to be Top Female Business and Top Minority Business with the Ohio MBE Awards 2021, Women in Medicine Top Doctor for 2021, and The Top 100 Entrepreneurs of 2022

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