Erin Gore

Garden Society

Erin Gore is the founder and CEO of Garden Society, a California-based, cannabis-focused benefit corporation serving women in search of new, more holistic ways to rejuvenate from the rigors of their daily lives. Garden Society offers high-quality, low-dose artisanal confections and sun-grown pre-rolls that connect biodynamic farming, sustainable ingredients, and strain-specific cannabis.

An active member of the Northern California cannabis community, Erin frequently speaks on topics of cannabis and entrepreneurship. She’s a fearless advocate for women-owned cannabis businesses, and equally dedicated to breaking the stigma around the plant. Earning a degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Erin is also fluent in the science-based language of cannabis and production.

Prior to Garden Society, Erin worked with her husband on their joint venture with Constellation Brands (Tom Gore Vineyards), and had a decade-long corporate career at Henkel, where she managed a global business valued at $100 million.
Currently, she serves on the Board of the Healthcare Foundation Northern Sonoma County, Healdsburg District Hospital Board of Directors, and International Cannabis Farmers Association.  She is a member of the Sonoma County Growers Alliance and belongs to the Circular Board, a collaborative accelerator for women entrepreneurs.

Candace Moeller

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Innovative Healing Solutions

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Geoff Korff


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Ed Rosenthal

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Ed Rosenthal

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Ariane Kirkpatrick

Ariane Kirkpatrick

Harvest of Ohio

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