Kari Jager

Cleveland Innovative Infusions

I’m Kari Jager, and my journey through the culinary and cannabis industries has been nothing short of incredible. Growing up in rural Illinois, my passion for food and cooking was ignited at an early age. Determined to pursue my dreams, I enrolled in culinary school at Kendall College in Chicago, where I immersed myself in the captivating world of molecular gastronomy working in the Fulton Market District. I absolutely loved the combination of art and cooking to captivate all 5 senses.

Along my path, I discovered the immense potential of the cannabis industry and the opportunity it presented to positively impact people’s lives. For over seven years, I have been fully dedicated to developing and manufacturing exceptional infused products tailored to the needs of medical cannabis patients in the Midwest and on the East Coast.

At present, I am the proud founder and CEO of Cleveland Innovative Infusion, a thriving consulting company. Through this venture, I have had the privilege of collaborating with remarkable businesses across Ohio, Illinois, and South Dakota just in this last year. Together, we have brought to life a wide array of innovative cannabis products, constantly pushing boundaries and transforming ideas into reality.

I have also embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with the launch of my own hemp CPG brand called Quiesco. Derived from the Latin term meaning “I rest,” Quiesco offers a delightful range of vegan-friendly and organic gummies. Crafted with care and infused with a meticulously curated blend of minor cannabinoids, these gummies are specifically designed to enhance the quality of sleep. It brings me great joy to provide a natural solution for individuals seeking a peaceful night’s rest.

Throughout my career, I have played a pivotal role in expanding market presence, notably in states such as Ohio, Massachusetts, Maine, Illinois, and New York. From formulating top-notch recipes to crafting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), overseeing production management, and curating comprehensive equipment lists, I have ensured the efficient manufacturing of gummies, chocolates, taffy, hard candies, and baked goods under The Botanist brand. By catering to the needs of medical cannabis patients, I strive to deliver exceptional products of the highest quality.”

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