Bonnie Rabin

University of Cincinnati

Bonnie Rabin is a skilled college professor with a history of working in the medical marijuana industry, social work and education. She loves curriculum design, instruction, student mentoring, strategic planning, management, and leadership. Her professional education includes a BA in Sociology from Indiana University, plus a Master of Social Work from Boston University (Planning, Management and Community Organizing) and her Budtender Certification from Hempstaff.

In 2021 she joined the University of Cincinnati Cannabis Studies Certificate Program. Each semester she enlightens 50 students (and many of her colleagues!) from colleges and departments all across the university. Teaching the Introduction to Hemp & Medical Cannabis course is one of her greatest joys, privileges, responsibilities and challenges. Her mottos are “The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.” (Alex K Trenfor) and “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

In 2019, this homegrown Ohio native organized Medical Marijuana Meetups throughout our State. She created unique events bringing together medical marijuana patients, physicians, businesses, caregivers, dispensaries, processors, retailers, brands, activists, educators, students, supporters, journalists, community leaders and more. Their purpose is to communicate, collaborate, network, educate and build friendships and business relationships among the like-minded.  With over 1200 members across Ohio, the medical marijuana meetup community is growing fast!

Chad Fuller

Executive Edibles Chef
Klutch Cannabis

Chad Fuller is an accomplished Professional Chef, currently working in the medical cannabis field, as the Executive Edibles Chef for Klutch Cannabis. Klutch Cannabis was founded in 2020 and they have Partnered with Kiva Confections out of California, producing the Kiva line of edibles. The workin...

Karen O'Keefe

Karen O’Keefe

Director of State Policies
Marijuana Policy Project/MPP Foundation

As the director of state policies at the Marijuana Policy Project, Karen O’Keefe manages grassroots and direct lobbying efforts in state legislatures for the ...

Christine DeJesus

Director of Cultivation

Christine DeJesus is Director of Cultivation and General Manager of Galenas – a tier two Certified Kind cannabis grower with operations in Ohio and Michigan.<...

Candace Moeller

Founder & CEO
Innovative Healing Solutions

Candace is a proud Ohio native, born and raised in Spencerville, Ohio.  Candace is a successful businesswoman and business owner who began her professional ...

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