Candace Moeller

Founder & CEO
Innovative Healing Solutions

Candace is a proud Ohio native, born and raised in Spencerville, Ohio.  Candace is a successful businesswoman and business owner who began her professional career by working her way through the ranks of the largest flooring manufacturer in the world. She became the first woman to attain the level of General Sales Manager. Later in her career, and at the request of her father, she became the Executive Vice President of the family’s polyurethane foam manufacturing business, a global supplier of high-quality foam products with facilities nationwide. Candace managed the company through many successful transitional years, ultimately leading the family through the profitable sale of their company assets.  Following the sale of her family’s corporation, Candace served as President of an industrial real estate and farming firm.

In 2019, after having witnessed a close family friend endure cancer, yet attain a state of remission through the use of medical cannabis products, Candace sought and obtained a license for an Ohio-based cannabis processor and Innovative Healing Solutions (IHS) was formed.  Candace joined the medical cannabis industry to make a difference in the lives of Ohioans and offer them a natural alternative in their choice of how to heal.  Remaining true to her small-town roots and values, Candace’s desire to “give back” may be seen through the patient-focused processes and products that are the heart of the IHS lab.  Her unequivocal focus on ethical business practices, utilization of local suppliers and services, and doing things the “right way” set the path for the IHS team to produce some of the purest and most effective medical-grade cannabis products within the State.

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Ed Rosenthal

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