Chad Fuller

Executive Edibles Chef
Klutch Cannabis

Chad Fuller is an accomplished Professional Chef, currently working in the medical cannabis field, as the Executive Edibles Chef for Klutch Cannabis. Klutch Cannabis was founded in 2020 and they have Partnered with Kiva Confections out of California, producing the Kiva line of edibles. The working partnership between Klutch and Kiva provide an amazing opportunity for Chad and his team to craft the best chocolate bars, pectin gummies, gelatin gummies, mints and chocolate covered bites in the Ohio medical cannabis program.
While Chad’s daily focus is primarily on production goals, infusion formulations, ingredient procurement, and research and development of new products, his main goal is to ensure his team is creating the best edibles in the market, using the highest quality cannabis extracts produced by Klutch.
Chad holds an associate’s degree in Culinary Arts from Pennsylvania Culinary Institute as well as certifications in CPR/First Aid, OSHA Safety as well as Serve Safe. He has been trained by Kiva confections and continually produces the highest quality Kiva products, such as setting the “Gold Standard” for all Kiva partners producing the Lost Farm Live Resin gummy line. The long hours and dedication from Chad’s kitchen team have allowed Klutch to gain a large market share of the edibles sold in Ohio. He does not sacrifice quality at any step of the process and ensures his team does the same.
Over twenty years of experience in the food service industry running all food outlets in hotels, running free-standing restaurants, and running his own bar and grill; prepared him for the Cannabis kitchen profession. He takes knowledge and experience from all his traditional kitchen cooking techniques and applies them to cannabis. He shares all his experiences and knowledge with his crew to further develop them professionally, ensuring continuity of production over time and the professional development of his team.
Cooking with cannabis has been a lifelong dream for Chad and he has enjoyed seeing that dream become a reality with the love and support of his wife Jill and their two daughters Juliana and Angelina. When he is not working, he can still be found most days dabbling with some R&D in his own kitchen, spending time with his family or enjoying amazing food and drinks at the many great restaurants in the area.
Chad has a true passion for the cannabis plant and the cannabis industry. He loves to collaborate and share knowledge and invites you to connect on his social media.
LinkedIn – Chad Fuller
Instagram – Chadfuller76
Facebook – Chad Fuller

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