Jeremy Cooper


Chef Jeremy Cooper (CJC) stands as a distinguished figure in the culinary and cannabis industries, recognized for his exceptional expertise in crafting gourmet edibles, alternative botanicals, and pioneering culinary experiences. With an illustrious career spanning diverse domains, CJC has consistently demonstrated his commitment to innovation, education, and transformative impact.

As a prominent figure in the cannabis sector, CJC possesses a remarkable ability to catalyze startup ventures, offering invaluable guidance to companies seeking to thrive in the edibles cannabis landscape. His multifaceted role extends to manufacturing and production, where he serves as a catalyst for industry advancement.

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, CJC’s true passion lies in enlightening individuals about the intricacies of the Cannabis Industry, as well as our global cannabis history. He has imparted his extensive knowledge through immersive educational cannabis cooking classes, world-class events, and the establishment of cannabis cafes across international locations.

CJC’s culinary artistry has graced the plates of numerous celebrities, both on local and national TV platforms. He has orchestrated private dining experiences that command a substantial fee, a testament to his culinary mastery. His prowess encompasses an array of culinary dimensions, including gourmet edibles and farm-to-fork cuisine.

At the forefront of cutting-edge flavor profiling, CJC has emerged as a pioneer in subcritical and experimental engineering, with a specialized focus on terpene tuning. His trailblazing work has elevated the culinary potential of cannabis-infused dishes, transcending traditional boundaries.

With an exceptional track record, CJC has held pivotal roles, including his tenure as the Executive Director and West Coast Director of Operations for Magical Butter. Notably, he conceptualized and materialized the world’s First Cannabis Food Truck, garnering attention for his inventive spirit and strategic vision.

A paragon of versatility, CJC’s ingenuity extends beyond the culinary domain. He has pioneered the development of electric bikes, crafting prototypes that have found utility in essential services such as Fire Departments, Police Departments, and Search & Rescue Services. His contributions have been recognized globally, attesting to his prowess in innovation and design.

Remarkably, CJC’s journey has intersected with healthcare innovation. Diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer, he harnessed his profound understanding of molecular gastronomy, botanical medicine, and food science to construct a personalized treatment regimen. His triumph over cancer is a testament to his resilience and expertise.

CJC’s commitment to societal well-being is evident through his engagement with the medical marijuana sector. His selfless dedication to educating patients, especially those grappling with cancer, underscores his altruistic nature and determination to make a tangible difference.

Undeniably forward-thinking, CJC envisions the future of cannabis inextricably linked to space exploration. With a visionary goal to harness cannabis, polymer science, textiles, and CO2 scrubbing technology for interstellar endeavors, his ambition transcends the boundaries of the Earth.

In the midst of unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, CJC once again demonstrated his leadership by spearheading the creation of a state-of-the-art extraction-to-sale product line that adhered to rigorous health and safety protocols. This achievement exemplifies his resilience and dedication to excellence.

Looking ahead, CJC’s commitment to education finds manifestation in his upcoming endeavor: a pioneering Cannabis Museum and Educational Facility in Oklahoma’s iconic country music hall of fame. This initiative underscores his dedication to fostering understanding and enlightenment in the cannabis realm.

In sum, Chef Jeremy Cooper embodies a visionary, an innovator, a culinary virtuoso, and a healthcare advocate. His diverse accomplishments mirror a life dedicated to pushing boundaries, inspiring others, and leaving an indelible imprint on the worlds of cannabis, cuisine, and beyond.

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