Ed Rosenthal

Author, Educator, Activist
Ed Rosenthal

Ed Rosenthal is a leading cannabis horticulture expert, educator, and activist. As the author of over a dozen books on marijuana cultivation and social policy, his books and Ask Ed ® column in High Times educated marijuana farmers worldwide. Ed’s arrest and highly publicized trials in the early 2000s shifted public opinion in favor of legalization motivating voters throughout the USA. Ed is the founder Quick Trading Publishing, focused on continuously researching and publishing the most accurate, up to date cannabis education, His recently released “Cannabis Grower’s Handbook” is the definitive grower’s guide detailing new information that will help experienced commercial growers improve quality and increase yield.

“Ed holds the distinction of turning more people onto pot than Cheech and Chong.” – Tommy Chong

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Lighthouse Sciences

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Innovative Healing Solutions

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