Ariane Kirkpatrick

Harvest of Ohio

Ariane is the CEO of Harvest Grows, Harvest of Ohio, and Harvest Processing, companies with provisional large-scale medical, cannabis cultivation,dispensary and processing licenses, for operations in Ironton, suburban Dayton, Columbus and Athens, Ohio. Her plan is to create economic development opportunities that come with marijuana and its ability to change lives, transform economies and provide jobs for people who desperately need work.

Ariane loves the city of Cleveland and she’s been recognized by several organizations as a result of her efforts to play a role in improving programs, including diversity and inclusion efforts in various industries. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies at Cleveland State University and is also an alumni of Cuyahoga Community College. But her proudest accomplishment is being the mother of two sons, Ali and Kristopher. She is the proud wife of Danny Couch, and stepmother of Camille and Jazmine.

While the journey is far from complete, Ariane focuses on keeping things in perspective. She’s learned that a sense of humor helps, whether she’s focusing on commercial construction: a complex world of critical schedules, firm budgets, dozens of disciplines and countless personalities; or volunteering in the community; or exploring a new industry. Ariane is adept at working with people at all levels and from diverse backgrounds. So far, she’s learned that business development boils down to passion and persistence.

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