Klutch Cannabis

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Grown in Akron. That’s Klutch.

We know tending the garden you deserve requires hard work, dedication, a passion for the plant, and constant attention to detail. Since our founding in April of 2020 in Akron, Ohio, we have been combining years of cultivation and extraction experience, state-of-the-art equipment, premium genetics, and a patient-first commitment to our craft to deliver some of the highest levels of quality and consistency available in the markets we serve.

Most importantly, we believe our strength as a company is derived from an honorable approach to cannabis. The vast majority of us are patients, and as a 100% Ohio-owned and operated cannabis company, we are proud to be part of the community we serve.

Our Mission Statement:

Klutch Cannabis was created in Akron, Ohio from hardworking employees that are passionate and dedicated to a common goal. The crown does not signify dominance but honor.

This Honor represents an unwritten bond shared between individuals and society that manifests itself as a code of conduct – often emphasizing virtues such as selflessness, honesty, respect and compassion.

Klutch Cannabis will always strive towards its goal to provide Ohio’s patients with the most medicinally beneficial products on the market. Klutch employees combine years of specialized cultivation and extraction experience with some of the most modern equipment in the industry and rarest genetics in the world to create unparalleled products. It is our Honor to serve you, our patients…

Strength in Honor™

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