Innovative Healing Solutions (IHS)

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Innovative Healing Solutions (IHS) is an Ohio-owned and patient-focused medical marijuana processor

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to delivering Ohio patients the purest, most effective, and consistent medical marijuana products. Our aspiration is to establish ourselves as the most relied upon and patient-preferred processor of medicinal cannabis.

Guided by unwavering ethics and fueled by a drive for innovation, our experienced team seeks only to extract and refine what nature has provided. Embracing the well-documented therapeutic benefits of cannabis, our methods eliminate undesirable elements commonly found in extracts and concentrates, retaining only the essentials that hold true benefits for patients. Our dedication to purity is resolute – we introduce no botanical terpenes, fillers, or synthetic compounds.

We ardently advocate for the responsible and lawful utilization of medical marijuana with strict adherence to regulation. We hold a steadfast belief in nature’s potential to enhance the health and enrich the lives of our fellow Ohio residents.

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