Ascend Cannabis

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Dabs. Love drops. Stress-squashing pre-rolls. Is photosynthesis great, or what? At Ascend, we believe there is endless potential to what cannabis can be as a product and as a positive force in culture. We are a multi-state, muliti-use, multi-anything store with a menu designed to cater to individual tastes and interests.

We build all of our locations, online and in-store, to be efficient, uncomplicated, and informative. Our budtenders are here to steer, nudge, recommend, or gently push you to discover new things. Or re-discover the old ones. We are locally grown, manufactured, and tested to be one with you and one with your communities.

Shop in store. Or order online and pick up. There are no bad choices. Only high-quality product and people that are working every day to make your cannabis day the best on the planet. Enjoy.

Ascend is currently operating in Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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