Karen O’Keefe

Director of State Policies
Marijuana Policy Project/MPP Foundation

As the director of state policies at the Marijuana Policy Project, Karen O’Keefe manages grassroots and direct lobbying efforts in state legislatures for the nation’s largest cannabis policy reform organization.

Karen is an attorney who has been with MPP since 2003 and is perhaps the foremost expert on state cannabis policies. Working closely with local advocates and lawmakers, her team played a leading role in the advocacy campaigns that resulted in the first two legalization laws to pass through state legislatures, in Vermont and Illinois. Her team has also played central roles in Connecticut’s and Maryland’s successful legalization efforts and the lobbying campaigns that resulted in more than a dozen medical marijuana and decriminalization laws.

Fadi Boumitri

Ascension BioMedical
Fadi Boumitri serves as CEO of Ascension BioMedical, a medical cannabis company licensed to cultivate in the State of Ohio and operating under the Ascension brand. He also serves as Chief Investment Officer for Legacy Wealth Holdings, a real estate syndication firm with holdings across 13 states and...

Kari Jager

Cleveland Innovative Infusions
I’m Kari Jager, and my journey through the culinary and cannabis industries has been nothing short of incredible. Growing up in rural Illinois, my passion for food and cooking was ignited at an early age. Determined to pursue my dreams, I enrolled in culinary school at Kendall College in Chicago, ...

Reggie Harris

House of Kush
Reggie Harris co-founded House of Kush to offer cultivators consulting services to grow House of Kush strains. The company also helps market strains for clients that include entrepreneurs with backgrounds in sports and entertainment. Harris started the Kansas City-based company two years ago because...

Demetrius Harrington

Cultivation Manager
Ascension Biomedical
Born to a military family, Demetrius (affectionately known as “Dee”) spent most of his childhood moving from one Air Force base to another. He developed a captivation for science early on, especially the natural sciences, and developed his passion and fascination with cannabis during his high scho...

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