OCHBS Announces Medical Marijuana Forum in Cleveland on Oct. 1 & 2

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September 7, 2022
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The Ohio Cannabis Health & Business Summit offers cannabis experts, health & wellness advocates, legislators, and business leaders at the IX Center in Cleveland. It now includes a medical marijuana forum too.

Cleveland, Ohio – The Ohio Cannabis Health and Business Summit is a two-day event aimed at educating the general public about the health benefits of medical marijuana. This event puts consumers in the room with people who work in one of the nation’s fastest-growing industries.

In Ohio, there are 25 conditions that qualify for eligibility for a medical marijuana card. Some of the state’s top experts, and national experts, will touch on how cannabis can play a role in managing health challenges including chronic pain. About 20 percent of American adults – 50 million people – live with chronic pain, saying they experience it most days or every day, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the health status of U.S. adults.

This year’s conference will feature more than 40 experts, including about 90 percent who are from Ohio. Check out OCHBS.com.

Among the speakers is Dr. Uma Dhanabalan, a Harvard-trained expert who speaks nationally and globally about cannabis and its value as a medical alternative. She’s certified as a cannabinoid medicine specialist through the American Academy of Cannabinoid medicine, and her mission is to change the stigma regarding its use.

She says that while all patients are not healthcare providers, all healthcare providers are patients.

“At the end of the day we are all patients at some point, and we must never forget that. Cannabis is an entrance to a better quality of life and it’s an exit drug from pharmaceuticals, narcotics, alcohol, and nicotine. It is still a drug and must be used with caution and consciousness,” said Dr. Dhanabalan, a medical provider who runs Uplifting Health and Wellness, an independent clinic in Cambridge, Mass.

“Cannabis has been around for thousands of years. We must all understand the importance of being an educated consumer and customer.”

Despite challenges on the federal level, cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. Marijuana is legal for adults in 19 states and Washington, DC: Medical marijuana is legal in 38 states and DC. Still, there’s a massive need for education about cannabis, CBD, and hemp.

The Oct. 1 & 2 event is aimed at people in the industry as well as people who are curious about cannabis, CBD, hemp, and want to know more about canna careers. Panel discussions will include Ohio CEOs in the industry, legislators, and ancillary businesses as well as patients, women in cannabis, and a discussion about social equity.

Seminar topics are vast, ranging from educating people on how to get a medical marijuana card, and career opportunities in the field, to the challenges of working in this industry. Ohio business owners who are now providing services to the cannabis industry will also share challenges, mistakes, and successes.

“Today, Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program has 154,614 active patients registered under at least one of 25 chronic and debilitating conditions. It is the OMCIA’s role to advocate for those patients, the licensed medical marijuana businesses and the thousands of workers employed in Ohio’s industry to remove unnecessary regulatory hurdles, improve access, and reduce costs,” said Matt Close, OMCIA Executive Director.

“We are proud to sponsor the Ohio Cannabis Health and Business Summit and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with partners across all aspects of the industry to ensure the program’s long-term sustainability.”

Attendees can take in one or multiple seminars in the main ballroom and break-out sessions downstairs on both days. More than 80 companies will be exhibiting their products and services in our vendor marketplace. Refreshments will be available for sale at the forum. Tickets are $20 each day or $30 for both days. The cost is half-off for students 18 and over with a college ID.

“Our goal is to bring together industry leaders in healthcare and business to talk about the role of medical cannabis in our society,” said Lenny Berry, founder, and CEO of OCHBS. “This two-day forum will answer questions that range from how to begin a regimen of medical cannabis to securing a medical marijuana card or license, to how to involve my non-cannabis business in this rapidly growing industry. This is a convention for industry insiders and the general public.”

About OCHBS: The Ohio Cannabis Health and Business Summit aims to create a forum that brings together thought leaders in cannabis, CBD, and hemp with the general public. Whether it’s a CEO, patient, start-up, ancillary business, college student, or someone who is just canna-curious, the two-day educational event brings together some of the industry’s best and brightest from Ohio and across the country.

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