October 4th & 5th, 2024
IX Center • Cleveland, OH
October 4th & 5th 2024

Ohio Cannabis Health & Business Summit

The Ohio Cannabis Health & Business Summit is an esteemed two-day event designed to cater to both the general public and cannabis professionals alike.

This annual gathering is strategically tailored for both the Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) sectors, with a primary objective of enlightening the public about the latest products and advancements in the dynamic cannabis industry. It serves as a platform that unites a diverse array of experts in this rapidly growing market.

The summit is dedicated to disseminating valuable information about the medical cannabis industry, CBD, and hemp, while concurrently offering ample networking opportunities for companies and professionals. Featuring a bustling trading floor with over 100 exhibitors, the event also hosts a conference that delves into addressing industry challenges and fostering meaningful connections.
October 4th & 5th 2024

A Higher Level

Whether you're a seasoned industry veteran, a newcomer looking to make your mark, or a member of the general public eager to understand the cannabis industry better, this summit provides a platform for everyone to learn, connect, and thrive. Join us on this exciting journey into the heart of the cannabis revolution!
IX-Center Cleveland ohio • October 4th & 5th 2024


Embark on a transformative journey at the Ohio Cannabis Health & Business Summit as we delve into the progressive landscape of the cannabis adult use market. Witness firsthand the groundbreaking developments that have unfolded since its legalization in Ohio in 2023. Our dedicated sessions on the adult use market offer a unique opportunity to delve deep into the intricacies of this burgeoning sector, providing attendees with comprehensive insights into the manifold opportunities and challenges that define its trajectory.

From understanding the regulatory frameworks shaping the industry to exploring emerging trends and consumer behaviors, our curated discussions aim to equip you with a nuanced understanding of the adult use market's dynamics. Whether you're an industry professional seeking to navigate this evolving landscape or an entrepreneur eager to capitalize on new opportunities, this segment of the summit promises to be a pivotal source of knowledge, fostering informed decision-making and strategic planning in the ever-expanding realm of cannabis.

Reasons To

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Stay Informed About Cannabis Adult Use Market:

Learn about the groundbreaking developments in the cannabis adult use market, legalized in Ohio in 2023, and gain insights into the opportunities and challenges it presents.
Trade Show Networking

Get the Latest Actionable Takeaways:

Attendees can expect to gather the most up-to-date and actionable insights, ensuring you leave with valuable knowledge to enhance your understanding of the industry.
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Build Industry Relationships:

Forge meaningful connections with industry professionals, peers, and experts, creating a network that can fuel your personal and professional growth within the cannabis sector.

Connect With More Than 100 Vendors:

Interact with over 100 vendors showcasing a diverse range of products, services, and innovations. This is your chance to explore potential collaborations and discover resources that can contribute to your business growth.

Discover Vendors That Will Help Your Growth:

Identify vendors who can play a pivotal role in supporting your growth and development within the cannabis industry. From technology solutions to cultivation expertise, find the right partners for your specific needs.

Hear Insights From More Than 50 Speakers:

Immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge by listening to insights from over 70 industry speakers, including experts, thought leaders, and visionaries who will share their experiences and perspectives on the evolving cannabis landscape.
Cleveland, Ohio


IX-Center Cleveland ohio • October 4th & 5th 2024

Medical Paitents & Adult Use Consumers

Engage with attendees, vendors, speakers and cannabis professionals.







Some words about OCHBS

Ohio Cannabis Health & Business Summit was such an amazing experience! The Camaraderie was felt all around! It was Great getting to talk with everyone I crossed paths with both new and current connections alike. look forward to next year and all the times paths cross inbetween.
Gage Reisinger
A terrific weekend at OHCBS cannabis expo at the IX center in Cleveland Enjoyed being on a panel with a group of highly educated, insightful and motivated business professionals in the retail cannabis space. Met numerous attendees as well as top executives in the industrv. Awesome party at the Rock and Roll hall of fame Friday evening!
Joel Fink
The Ohio Black Buddha Cannabis team spent a couple days at the Ohio Cannabis Health & Business Summit in Cleveland. Kudos to Lenny Berry and entire team for a great event. Thanks to Meghan Porter for awesome job as always.
Troy Butler
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